Welcome to Little Goat Farm!

My name is Yura Okamoto and I run a little goat farm that happens to be called, well, “Little Goat Farm” – some of us are not very good at naming things…
We are located next to Lake Kizaki in Omachi City, Nagano Prefecture, Japan. The farm is, in fact, small – usually around ten goats, although during the birthing season we can get up to twenty kids as well. We make a couple of hard cheeses – Alpine, Caciotta, Gouda, etc. – and Chèvre. And sell some, although being pretty small, we often run out of cheese to sell, so don’t get your hopes too high.

Feel free to contact us for goat cheese, goats for sale, or if you want to visit the farm just for the heck of it.
There is a trampoline for kids – human ones – and we can usually make fairly decent coffee for those who make it all the way here.


Make sure you do not miss our famed donation box – all proceeds go to goat feed: