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Many people have to spend their lives without a partner. Not many people have a chance to marry twice. And here are Jessup and Yuko - two youngsters not yet in their thirties - who were lucky enough to marry three times in less then two years! Mind-boggling - that's what it is. But the most wondrous and mysterious part of it is that not only they married the same person every time (which would seem to be a strange obsession), but that they also managed on each occasion to have enormous amount of fun. I wouldn't have believed that anyone can have this much fun at such an awful undertaking as a marriage and a couple who can can do it three times is as good as a miracle. I also know for sure that everyone invited had almost as much fun as the bride and the groom and that all the guests will look back at the numerous weddings with many fond memories. The purpose of this page is to provide the pictures these memories can thrive on and of course - in case Jessup or Yuko decide to marry again - there will always be place here for more pictures.

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